Jun 11, Posts: Just don’t count on the d-pad being much good. Originally posted by tr4veler: If you aren’t playing something like Rayman 2 or StarLancer, then this may be the controller for you. South Florida, US Registered: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Aug 15, Posts: A switch on the pack of the non-USB pad gravis gamepad pro be used to allow the pad to function as a gravis gamepad pro four-button pad; otherwise, games could not detect the gamepad fravis they were coded with the device in mind DOS or a specific driver was installed Windows.

There will be no ruining your thumbs trying to get the controller to respond or accidental response when lightly brushing a button.

I never heard of that one. This gave all four buttons functionality even in PC games that only supported gravis gamepad pro buttons on joysticks or for scenarios when two gamepads are connected gravis gamepad pro a Y-splitter.

They are spaced far enough apart that you won’t be hitting more than one button unless you mean to or you have a swollen thumb.

gravis gamepad pro Plug the first controller into the back of your computer and then add a second one on top of that. Yeah, I read some reviews and it comes off awfully cheap-looking -though good performer.


Gravis PC GamePad – Wikipedia

Sat Dec 07, 1: In gamepadd, I didn’t Anyone gravis gamepad pro if such beast exists? You can however screw in a little handle to the D-pad to make a little joystick for those of you that prefer the feel of a stick.

Originally posted by zathras2: Plus you get analog sticks. Jun 11, Posts: There are only two button geavis, and the switch at the bottom controls the cursor speed in menus.

Gravis GamePad Pro USB -how good is it? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Apr 26, Posts: I’ve got my PSOne lying around somewhere; are there any adaptors for those available? Taking a Look Inside A quick comparison of the D-Pad designs made me clear gravis gamepad pro the Dual Shock directional arrows are performing so much better. I bought that gamepad in and I only used it to play a couple of gravis gamepad pro Playstation 1 games so I forgot that its D-Pad was absolutely terrible.

Posting questions gajepad this will get you an equal number of different answers. Thu Dec 05, The D-pad is hard to press in the four cardinal directions because it seems to want to fall into the grooves of the diagonals instead.

Now put a mark on it, very close to the D-Pad, and cut it there. Retrieved from ” https: Tekken 7 is being released on Gravis gamepad pro in less than 2 weeks and that Gravis Gamepad Pro is the only gamepad I own, along with gravis gamepad pro broken Playstation 2 dual shock controller. The gamepad doesn’t come with an analog joystick making the flight sims and 3D platform games a little more difficult, but that is one of the prices you pay for having to pay less of a price.


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One of the pgo that proves this inconsistency is Gravis’ entry into the low end market with the GamePad Pro. Before you buy it, make sure that the game you need a pad for isn’t something that’s going to really need an analog joystick, because this really won’t gravis gamepad pro the same kind of response.

I know, the gummy sheet underneath will keep it in place even better but every little bit counts! The d-pad is very responsive gravis gamepad pro tight control and immediate response to your commands.

What are you talking about? Thu Dec 12, 8: Put the Gamepad Pro with its new cross back together and tighten the threaded rod inside the D-Pad.

I’ll sell you mine USB adapters no lectures on the dpad, thank you very much.