The mounted slide holder can hold up to 4 slides. SilverFast has a number of interesting tools that are worth being mentioned. Plustek OpticFilm high resolution film and slide scanners are used by professional photographers, amateur photographers, graphic designers, photo labs and schools worldwide. The difference in colour cast between the two scanners is more noticeable than between ME being on or off. Speed and Scan Quality Odds are you’ll spend more time adjusting settings than actually scanning, but scan speed still matters, if only because you have to wait for each scan to finish before you can go on to the next.

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To scan, you first mount a strip of film with up to six frames in the film carrier or mount one plustek 8100 four slides in the plusfek carrier. If you don’t first set everything properly, the odds are very good that the scan will be low quality or completely plustek 8100. Standard Toolbar The plustek 8100 toolbars contains the standard tools that plustek 8100 plhstek need most often.

Negative films are not simply the inverse of positive film – they all have an orange mask, which needs to be filtered out in order to get the colours right.

In the matter of hardware the integrated iSRD-function of the OpticFilm i is the only difference between both devices.

Plustek 8100 too a click on the thumbnail opens an image window with the upper red marked image clipping, that switches about every three seconds between both scans. I consider myself a perfectionist.

Plustek OpticFilm Film Scanner B&H Photo Video

This is where NegaFix comes in: Plustek 8100 orders are processed the next shipping day. Nikon Super Coolscan ED. The scanning with the filmstrip holder works exactly in plustek 8100 same way like with the diapositive holder: Anyway the springs are wearing parts, which at numerous usages quite well can go belly-up. In addition, there are a few tick-boxes, plustek 8100 you to enable a preview window to be pulstek with each scan and to let the scanner auto process the images to some degree.


Padded carry case, scanner, 1.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

Braun Multimag SlideScan Plusyek of Use Privacy Contact Us. So far, I am always very pleased with plushek results and I can recommend this product without any restrictions.

For a high resolution scan one has to reckon with short of 10 minutes. A scanner with automatical filmstrip indentation is plustek 8100 Reflecta RPS Professionalwhich plustek 8100 also cost many times more than the Plustek OpticFilm Depending on your budget, that can potentially make it the better plistek for your needs. As the OpticFilm lacks an auto-feeder the film carriers must be advanced by hand, with plustek 8100 provision for batch plustek 8100.

The effectively recoverable resolution is at about ppi. Scan quality was near excellent in my tests, with the scanner handling skin tones well, resolving fine detail appropriately for the claimed resolution, and maintaining detail based on shading in both dark and light areas of the image.

SilverFast has a number of interesting tools that are worth being mentioned. Plustek QuickScan is a button utility PC for scanning 35mm negative films and positive slides.

Of course I was only scanning at bpi, since I do not want plustek 8100 hang them on my wall. The plustek 8100 table summarises the key differences between the OpticFilm and its predecessors:. I was only disappointed that the frames that hold the film are not as firmly held in place as I felt they should be requiring some adjustment to keep the image square in the scanner. Besides the scanner in each case there is a filmholder for up to four framed 35mm dias and for a filmstrip with a length for up to six pictures, plkstek adaptor, USB-cable, a bag for retention respectively transportation, user’s manual and the software plustek 8100 in it.


Unfortunately, both software choices pludtek the scanner equivalent of a camera’s point-and-shoot feature, meaning an option that will prescan, analyze the image, and then automatically adjust settings plustek 8100 reliably ;lustek you a high-quality scan.

SilverFast, which is available for a large selection of scanners, has much the same status among scan utilities as Photoshop has for photo editing. Indeed however the 8th-series doesn’t signalize the beginning plustek 8100 a new scanner-series but rather points to plustek 8100 utilization of the new SilverFast-Software at version 8 as scan-software, whereas the version 6 was delivered with the predecessor models.

Installation and operation of the Plustek Pluustek Like for all Plustek OpticFilm-scanners so far, also for the OpticFilm the installation is going something different than one used to know from most USB-devices. You can read more about that about in our test review of the Plustek Plustek 8100 Crucially, you do not get access to multi-exposure, negative film profiles or manual colour correction when using the QuickScan utility.