This avoids BIOS checksum errors and facilitates remote updates. This document contains late-breaking information and issues for the Sun Fire X M2 server. An illustration with call outs showing the back panel of the Sun Fire X M2 server. This restriction is limited to a small number of early systems. The following is a list of new features available in the Tools and Drivers CD v2.

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Optimized defaults are loaded and customized BIOS settings are lost. This issue is under investigation. When updating the firmware from v1. Therefore, as a workaround you should load optimized defaults in the BIOS following the update to version 1. The following issues are acknowledged, addressed, or fixed with the release of the the Tools and Drivers CD v1.

This procedure will be added to a future revision of the Service Manual.

Sun Fire x2200 M2 Cluster, Opteron 2.6 Ghz, Infiniband, Linux

You can use your thumb and finger to press squeeze the clip against the contact point. Is the monitor power cord connected to a wall outlet? If you change the IP address or netmask of the SP, the routing table changes after you update the SP network configuration. It includes the following topics:. Note – Kit contains two CPUs.


Sun Fire X M2 Server Memory, Sun Microsystems Products

Firefox browsers have feature that blocks pop-up screens. The following issues are contained in this section:. The update process requires user intervention, see Firmware Update from v1. The two points must touch short for 60 seconds. Only the first eight characters are used. Severe damage to server components can occur if operated without adequate cooling mechanisms. If you are using the ELOM web interface:. Does the wall outlet have power?

The affected DIMMs can be identified by the Micron logo and the first two number strings on the label. Hung or frozen server: Is the Power button LED illuminated on the front of the system? This issue only happens on a small number of remote installations.

These three special characters are reserved, and not permitted. The following is a list of features implemented in the Tools and Drivers CD v1.

Install the ActiveX plugin by performing the following workaround:. This section contains system management issues related to browsers:. International keyboards are not supported on ELOM. Translated versions of some of these documents are available on the web site described above in French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


Sun Fire X M2 Server Product Notes

Included in the Tools and Drivers CD v1. The option to preserve CMOS settings has no use when updating from v1. Beginning with the Tools and Drivers CD v1.

For Solaris and other software documentation, go to the following URL:. With the update available on the Tools and Drivers CD v1.

The drive might be in low power mode.